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Your Partner in Agency Support

We offer our expertise and services to help (marketing) agencies with their projects and can assist with project management, development, design, and construction. 

Exhibition stand planning


  • Project management

  • Event/ project planning

  • Exhibition booth designs

  • Event structures

  • Production and construction

  • We work in Europe or the USA

  • Custom-made Furniture

  • International Transport

  • Warehousing - Storage of materials

  Working with Agencies

  • For years, Expo Rockstars has been providing services to events and exhibitions across Europe and North America. But we don't just create stands for our own clients - we are also very happy to work as a partner for other agencies.
  • Whether you're an event organizer or an marketing/ creative/ event agency, we have the expertise you might need to for your project. Whether it's exhibition stands, brand activation projects, or events, our team can help your team with the project.
  • So whether you need assistance with a particular aspect of your project or want us to handle everything from start to finish, we're here to help.

Let's work together!

We would love to work together on your next project. 


Get in touch with us to learn more about our services and how
we can support your agency's projects


Contact us and let's explore how we can collaborate.

Expo Rockstars teamwork
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