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Our team is focused on efficiency, quality, and sustainability, this is why we use the most sustainable solution for temporary constructions such as exhibition stands, congress walls, indoor and outdoor events, and pop-ups, BeMatrix.

Reusable BeMatrix stand builder

Sustainable system

BeMatrix frames can be reused over and over again and as well as parts and accessories.

They greatly reduce or avoid anodising, powder coating or chrome plating. Thanks to this the frames can be recycled with minimal energy and without loss of quality.

BeMatrix - stand builder


All frames can be used in different setups, so we can create any form and shape that fits your specific design or project. The BeMaterix frame system allows a 360-degree configuration. This means that one frame can be used as a floor, ceiling, and wall. 

This gives us endless possibilities! 

BeMatrix Lightweight stand builder


The low weight of the frames has a big impact on the ease of use. Thanks to this the freight will be less which means we can reduce our transport emissions!


In 2021, beMatrix was awarded the international “Sustainable Resource for Events” certificate by the organisation Eventsost. They are certified because They have clearly demonstrated, according to an objective scorecard, that they offer sustainable products on the market. A study based on the “Bilan Carbon”, an international tool to measure sustainability of products. 

Be Matrix stand builder
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